Meet Z - A special memory - R.I.P. - Rogan

(Irish) Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Brown and White



Z - A special memory - R.I.P. - Rogan is :

  • Neutered
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinated and Micro-chipped
  • Good with Dogs
March 2016: Sweet Rogan stayed at our rescue for a long time, with nobody ever interested in adopting him. He sadly developed cancer that started in his intestines and quickly went into his lungs. The doctors were able to help us keep him comfortable until his quality of life was not going to be acceptable anymore. Rogan's vet came to our facility so that Rogan could pass over to the rainbow bridge in the only home, he had ever known, surrounded by his loving caretakers. Sweet boy, you will never be forgotten.

Rogan is probably one of the rare (in the US) IRISH Staffordshire Bull Terriers. The Stafford is often described as "a buff little dude” by admirers, but perhaps the words of an old cigarette advertising campaign best describe the appearance of the typical Stafford: "So round . . . so firm . . . so fully packed!" And that's Rogan! He came into our rescue as "raw" material: Rogan did not know, what human touch meant, he had no manners, basically, he was Diamond in the Ruff. Well, Rogan has changed a lot. He has been professionally trained and now loves to be handled. He is a strong boy and he would do well in a home with lots of structure and a job! Yes, this handsome boy would like to work (smile). He is very smart and loves to exercise his body and his brain. Rogan would love to go on a hike or nice walk with you!