Meet Z - A Special Memory - R. I. P. - Casper


White with black spots



Z - A Special Memory - R. I. P. - Casper is :

  • Neutered
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinated and Micro-chipped
  • Good with Dogs
Sweet Casper came to us from another rescue. He had severe obstruction surgery several years ago and his intestines were scared. Casper received special food in very small portions and did very well. But sadly, one warm evening in May (2014), Casper had bloat and even though he was rushed to the emergency hospital immediately, the doctors said, that because of his previous surgery, he would not have a good chance to survive even with extensive bloat surgery. Casper was not to suffer anymore and fell asleep peacefully in the arms of our founder and one of his closest care-takers. We will miss this sweet boy eternally, his zest for life and huge personality made all of us smile and he was one of our founder's favorite dogs. We love you, Casper!

Casper is one HAPPY dog! He is a total goof-ball with a big smile and lots of love to give. Casper is very friendly with everybody he meets. He makes friends fast and the ladies fall in love with him right away. He is simply a nice boy! Even though, Casper is very athletic and loves to go for runs and hikes, he is very calm in the home and crate and house trained. Casper is the absolute perfect size at about 50 lbs. He received professional obedience training and is very well behaved. As matter of fact, Casper loves to show off his great manners. He walks great on the leash, is easy to jog with and loves to show off, how obedient he is. Casper loves to play with his toys, especially is red Kong toy. Don't let Casper's cute cow markings fool you: He is a dog! And he can proof it with lots of sweet doggie kisses!