Meet Z - ADOPTED - Gladys

Olde English Bulldogge


Tan/Yellow/Fawn - With White


Young Adult

Z - ADOPTED - Gladys is :

  • Spayed
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinated and Micro-chipped
Gladys, is looking for a forever home. She’s the epitome of her breed: playful, loving, strong, super smart and friendly with all humans.
For this type of dog: a natural pack leader is important as is socialization and obedience training. Bulldogs are stubborn so if you can’t be that person, Gladys will. Must be the only pet. Though this can change down the line with continued training as we have already seen some results.
Gladys needs a calm adult home and lifestyle. She MUST be protected from the extreme cold and heat. She’s an indoor dog but loves access to the yard to play and frolic at will. She absolutely loves car rides.
She likes to keep occupied so knuckle bones, Nylabones and Dentastix chews are highly recommended. Her basketball and kiddie pool - a must for the backyard.
Foster Mother: Gladys is an absolute joy to be around. She loves to play and cuddle as much as she loves her walks and investigating the backyard. She’s inquisitive and eager to learn. Though Gladys has not been socialized before coming to us, she’s been undergoing training and responding better each day. She just wants to please and be part of the family. She’s friendly to everyone she meets, including kids. She’s very active and enjoys her daily walks. This being said, she thinks she can go on forever and tends to over exert herself, like every bulldog tends to. So it’s up to you to slow her down. But one thing’s for certain, you won’t be able to stop kissing those cheeks!
Household requirements:
• ONLY pet, no kids under 12, secure yard, breed awareness. • Spayed, Vaccinated, Micro chipped, House trained • No breathing issues, no ear infections, no cherry eye, Grain free food only.